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Meinssen Rosary Metals

Meinssen Rosary Metals offers specialty wires, custom cut jump rings, and cast reproduction parts for rosary and jewelry makers. I provide a selection of market pieces, as well as a series of parts reproduced from my personal collection of antiques. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thank you very much for visiting!


October 14th: New parts fresh from my caster just went up. Take a look at the MRM exclusive Crucifixes, Medals, and Centers for the new parts.

June 21st: Loads of new parts just went up check out Market Crucifixes and Market Medals for all the new items.

May 30th: It's official! The site is now live and ready to go. Over the next few weeks, many additional market parts will be listed, as well as gold filled and Sterling parts from Bliss Manufacturing.

May 29th: Getting close to launch now! Finishing up the last few pages now. Official launch day will be tomorrow, Friday May 30th 2014!

May 22nd: I am currently finishing up the detail pages for all of my gallery items. Official Launch Day is imminent!

Featured Products

Art Nouveau Fleur de Lys Crucifix in Sterling Silver
Floral Edwardian Crucifix in Red Bronze
Saint Cecilia Medal in Red Bronze
Saint Agnes and Mary Immaculate Medal in Sterling Silver
Ave Maria Center in Sterling Silver
Assumption and Sacred Heart Center in Red Bronze
Wild Rose Center in Red Bronze
Wild Rose Center in Sterling Silver